Haley Cummings is the slutty babysitter

The wife is jealous of her, and for good reason…

After the husband has a fight with his wife, slutty babysitter Haley Cummings sees her chance to get laid AND have revenge on that bitch who keeps putting her down. He’s alone, and Haley literally throws herself on his lap, begging for him to fuck her. With a blonde bimbo laid across his knees, the choice was easy. Haley knows he’s been trying to have anal sex with his wife, who is having none of it, so she offers up her ass instead. He plunges his cock in her asshole and that gets her off as much as him. Only right after he blows a load in her pink pucker, his wife walks in the door….

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Stranger slut Haley Cummings right place, wrong time

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