Haley Cummings is the slutty babysitter

The wife is jealous of her, and for good reason…

After the husband has a fight with his wife, slutty babysitter Haley Cummings sees her chance to get laid AND have revenge on that bitch who keeps putting her down. He’s alone, and Haley literally throws herself on his lap, begging for him to fuck her. With a blonde bimbo laid across his knees, the choice was easy. Haley knows he’s been trying to have anal sex with his wife, who is having none of it, so she offers up her ass instead. He plunges his cock in her asshole and that gets her off as much as him. Only right after he blows a load in her pink pucker, his wife walks in the door….

Haley Cummings Christmas fuck

Haley Cummings cheers up her secret crush with a good Christmas fuck.

It’s holiday break and everyone’s away, leaving these two horn dogs alone to find something to do… and that something involves Haley cumming on his hard dick as she rides into pound town.

Alanah Rae & Haley Cummings Basketball sex

The girls try to hustle a pick up game of basketball but when they lose they have to pay up…

Okay as porn plots go, this one is rather funny. I had a few laughs. It’s a basketball hustle roughly based on “White Men Can’t Jump” but the girls bust out their titties on the court to distract their opponents. When that doesn’t work, they’re in the hole $500 which they don’t have. Instead of cash, they have to suck and fuck their way out of trouble…

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